Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A New Blog

This is my new blog. 

Or, rather, it's a redesign of my current blog. The old blog was a place for me to document my adventures during my leave of absence from Cornell University. At least that's what it was meant to be. What it ultimately became was a glimpse into my battle through depression and (wow... it feels unreal to write this) my recovery from it.

So I decided to keep the old posts (now designated with LOA for leave of absence) and redesign the look and focus of the entire blog to simply become a place for my thoughts, stories, ideas, etc.

Throughout my life, I've been privileged to meet, get to know, and become friends with a wide variety of amazing people. I'm grateful for the opportunity to really hear what people have to say; whether it's about their hobbies, struggles, hopes, fears, passions, favorite foods, or anything at all. These interactions have continued to bolster my belief that everyone has not only a story, but a story worth sharing. Because it's when we share our stories that we have an opportunity to connect with and meet others who may be going through similar things as us or are passionate about the same things we are. Sharing our stories allow us to find those other people out there who share thoughts and ideas that we may have thought were unique to ourselves or not worth talking about, or they may simply open our minds to new ways of thinking.

Like many things in the past, I've put this off for far too long. So here's a new place for my story. May anyone reading this blog find something of value to them, and may you be inspired (yes, every single one of you) to find a way to share your unique story as well.

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